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Strategic planning is how the people in an organisation make sense of where it’s going, and how it’s going to get there.
We help organisations with these ‘strategy journeys’.




Welcome to the ixq website where you can find out how we help organisations to develop effective strategic plans and realise strategic opportunities.

Strategic leadership is widely regarded as a critical skill, yet many organisations find it difficult to develop effective strategic plans - and to make them happen. Some are concerned about how to go about strategic planning, or whether they have the skills or resources; others want to improve their strategic thinking or planning process. Often, organisations are struggling with how to tackle a particular strategic challenge.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with organisations and seeing real benefits result, not just from the project itself but also in the learning that has occurred for both the organisation and the individuals involved – for me, one of the most satisfying outcomes of a successful ‘strategy journey’.

I hope that this website stimulates your thinking and provides you with some useful ideas - call me if you think we might be able to help.
david booth
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