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'Common pitfalls of strategic planning – and how to avoid them'

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Effective strategic planning is at the heart of successful organisations. Whether it is an established formal planning process with dedicated resources, or a new team exploring and learning together, the questions are the same:

> What are our challenges and opportunities?
> Which direction should we take?
> How do we get there?
> How do we make it happen?

Strategic planning is about communication and processes as well as analysis and content. It is about people creating a shared understanding about their organisation and its future. Every organisation has its own set of challenges and opportunities. So making sense of where it’s heading and how to get there is a unique journey of exploration, choices, questions and decisions. We guide organisations on these ‘strategy journeys’.

effective strategic planning is:-
> an opportunity
> a context, a process, a plan -
   and action
> challenging
> engaging
> evolving
> ongoing
> embedded in the thinking and work
   of the organisation
> an invaluable learning experience
effective strategic planning is not:-
> producing a document
> a department
> an academic exercise
> a one-off process
> an annual chore
> a distraction
> wasted effort
> for show!

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