comments about how we have helped

Chief Executive, Building Society
about our involvement helping them with their strategic planning

“The best they had seen”
Executive Director, financial services company following presentation of Strategic Plan to Board

“Our best team working experience on strategic planning”
Chief Operating Officer, Insurance Company

“Thank you - your thoughts for progressing this project are a superb point of reference and have given me a real boost in that it actually appears achievable now! You have given great clarity to the whole process.”
Reward Manager, communications company,
about a strategic HR project



how we can help

Strategic planning is a challenge: it requires skill, resources and considerable organisational energy and commitment - all to be balanced with ongoing operational demands and issues. Some of the challenges faced by organisations we have helped include:-

> how to develop an effective strategic plan within tight time and resource    constraints
> wanting to improve their strategic planning - both process and content
> seeking to strengthen the strategic planning skills of the organisation
> needing additional resource to co-ordinate the planning process
> struggling to tackle a specific strategic issue
> needing help in implementing key strategic initiatives

We work in partnership with organisations, complementing their own internal resources and skills to help design and implement strategy development and planning processes appropriate to their individual business contexts, Our strengths lie in our strategic thinking and our ability to help organisations crystallise and articulate the key issues – and then in how we work with them to address these. We aim to help develop the strategic planning capability of people and organisations through working and learning together.

But first we need to talk, to find out about your needs and whether we are able to help you.

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